When can you cancel a gig?

If a publisher is unable to complete a gig after being hired, you have the ability to cancel a gig and return the funds to your account.

What does it do?

Canceling a Gig will:

  • Place the allocated funds back into your available balance (including both the Influencer's bid and our fee)
  • Remove the Gig from the Influencer's Open Gigs

How to cancel a gig:

First, locate the Gigs tab on your Opportunity panel:

Next, look on the right hand side and find the "x" button. This button indicates you'd like to request a gig cancellation.

Clicking on the Cancel Gig icon (x) will start the process with a message from you to the publisher, letting him/her know why you're canceling their Gig:

Once you type your message, click the "Ok" button. You'll receive a confirmation screen.

The publisher will have 7 days to dispute the cancellation. If they choose to dispute the cancellation, we'll research both sides and determine whether or not the cancellation is valid. We highly encourage you to make your requirements clear and to stay in communication with publishers so that they aren't surprised when you cancel their Gig.