This is a tough subject. Most of us choose to work at a company - or even start a company - that represents our true passions. We're passionate about what we do, we love the products we create and we value our brands.

It's hard to imagine that any human being wouldn't also fall in love with our product and want to be involved in telling the world about it.

But, when working with bloggers and social media influencers, you have to give them time. Set the Kool-Aid down and put yourself in their shoes for a minute:

  • They have their own set of passions and they built a blog around something that they truly love and value. Just as you're most likely not as in love with their blog as you are with your product - they are not going to be as in love with your product as they are with their blog.
  • They hear from brands and advertisers all the time who have the "best", "most innovative","tastiest", "largest", "fastest", "cheapest", etc product on the market. You're not the only one who loves your product and brand.

Trying to convince the influencer to fall in love with your product or brand is probably going to be met with a lot of resistance. They already have something they love, and they are accustomed to protecting that passion from everyone who wants their attention.

We suggest you focus on the influencer's passion instead. Pick up their Kool-Aid and give it a sip. How can you help them make it better? What does your product or brand offer that will help them reach their goals. What will help them produce more quality content for their readers? What will get their readers to interact with comments, social shares and so on?

Turn their passion into your fuel.