Once a Publisher submits a bid on your Opportunity, you have a couple options for proceeding:

  • Approve (checkmark) - If you feel it's a good fit, hit that Accept button and get the ball rolling
  • Deny (x) - If you don't feel it's a good fit, hit eh Reject button and take a quick second to give the publisher a reason to help them understand the rejection
  • Message Influencer - If you'd like more information before making your decision, use the "Message" feature, which is the orange envelope icon.

Sending a message with questions, requests for more information or even requests for delivery timelines is a great way to ensure that you make the right choice for your campaign.

Here are a few ideas of messages you can send:

  • Could you publish this post by next Friday?
  • Will you point me to a link on your site where you've done something similar in the past?
  • Does this bid also include you sharing the post on your social channels?
  • I'd like to work with you - but not at this price. I'm willing to go up to $50 if you'd like to resubmit your bid.

As long as you aren't asking them to work with you outside of the marketplace, or asking them to do something that wasn't part of your initial requirements, feel free to strike up a conversation before making your decision to Accept or Reject the bid.