Advertisers love numbers! It's easy to get distracted by stats. But, they can become a major Influencer Marketing pitfall.

Finding a blogger with 1M+ pageviews a month might seem like a huge win. But, what if you represent a high ticket designer brand, and the blogger writes about giveaways and online contests. Do you really want to reach a million contest seekers? Probably not.

What about that Instagram influencer with 20k followers? Does he also happen to follow 30k others? This is a good indicator that they only follow him because he follows them. Look for influencers with significantly more followers than those they are following. (Look for a ratio closer to 20:1 than 20:30). 

The most important thing to focus on when vetting the Influencers that apply for your campaign is their content. What do they write about? Who are they talking to? Are those the kind of people you want to reach?