A Hybrid opportunity is the combination of a paid placement and affiliate link, or links.

Fresh Press Media isn't new to the affiliate space. Our parent company, FMTC, specializes in aggregating affiliate content and making it available to affiliates through a series of services and tools. As a blogger, the number of steps you need to take to launch a successful affiliate marketing campaign can be overwhelming. The workload of joining programs, finding links, creating images, and tracking performance is a full-time job on top of all the other tasks you complete each day interacting with your community. The benefits of using affiliate links in your content are worth the time it takes to implement them if you have all the pieces of the puzzle working together seamlessly. 

Fresh Press Media aims to simplify that process for you and sweeten the deal with our new hybrid opportunities in the marketplace. Hybrid opportunities are designed to provide you with moderate placement fees upfront ($20 - $50), yet allow you to continue to earn commissions for years to come. Many of these posts can be recycled over and over again without limiting your earning potential.

How do affiliate links work in the marketplace?

  • You bid on and are hired for a hybrid opportunity
  • We provide you with an affiliate link with your unique ID
  • We track the performance of your link
  • We pay you your upfront fee and the commissions you earn
  • Commissions are credited once a month
So, there you have it! No more searching for programs. No more jumping between affiliate accounts. No more tracking your performance. No more running around to collect your commissions. And most importantly, no more limiting your earning potential.