What information should you include in your media kit? Spend some time on this step. Your media kit is your first impression, your opportunity to highlight the information about yourself, your community, and your personal brand. 

Access your Media Kit under the "Markteplace" tab in the main navigation menu. 

Click on "Spheres" to open your list of spheres you've added to the marketplace. Each sphere will require a separate Media Kit. Simply click on the "Media Kit" button associate with each sphere to populate your kit, or to make future updates.

  1. Upload your logo or an image.
  2. Populate your bio. Include your name, a description of your community, and your goals or mission.
  3. Fill out your community's demographics.
  4. Add your blog and social media outlets. These outlets will be automatically updated every 24 hours.
  5. Add unverified outlets. Unverified outlets are not directly connected to your Fresh Press Media account. Stats for these outlets are not currently being tracked or updated by Fresh Press Media at this time.
  6. Share examples of your work. 

Once your Media Kit is complete you can start bidding on opportunities in the marketplace! Login to your Fresh Press Media account at http://app.freshpress.media/login to begin creating your first sphere.

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