Stop paying for traffic. It will not help your placement in a Google search. Google only wants to promote genuine referrals and you will be penalized for trying to trick them. Start paying for specific niche promotion that will benefit your brand by getting the right eyes on your products and services.

Influencers, please make all paid referral links nofollow links. Google will penalize, or even blacklist your site if you aren't putting this into practice. It is your responsibility to protect your business by following these guidelines. Google has issued very specific guidelines on how it expects bloggers to format links in paid placements. Read the guidelines here.

In a nutshell, bloggers are required to make their links "nofollow" when they've been engaged by an advertiser/brand/company to promote a product, service or website.

Advertisers, opportunities requesting dofollow links from influencers will be denied and/or removed from the marketplace. Advertisers should not ask influencers for link structures that do not adhere to the explicit guidelines set forth by Google.