When we developed the Marketplace, we made it easy for advertisers to organize their campaigns across all of their brands, services, products, departments, categories, and more. 


The result is a system that is simple and scalable. If you have just one product, it works. If you have multiple offerings, it works. 


"Product Line" is a very flexible term. Here are some examples to inspire you for your own products:





  • An electronics brand could create product lines for product categories:

    • Televisions

    • Stereo and Audio Equipment

    • Small Home Appliances

  • An accountant creates product lines for tax preparation services and a tax preparation book: 

    • Tax Prep Services

    • Tax Prep Book

  • A restaurant chain creates product lines for each of its menus:

    • Dinner Menu

    • Healthy Lunch Menu

    • Dessert Menu

  • A dentist creates Product Lines for each service area 

    • Family Dentist

    • Pediatric Dentistry

    • Teeth Whitening

    • Cosmetic Dentistry


Our product is simple enough to handle a single product seller, yet scalable to handle a multi-channel national retailer.


How Product Lines Benefit Your Campaign


Product lines create focus for your campaign goals, both with recruiting influencers and providing background information for the influencer creating content for you.


Recruiting Influencers for the Campaign: Take the restaurant chain, for example. A lifestyle blogger focusing on health and wellness will likely not want to promote a campaign for the restaurant chain's regular menu filled with burgers, fried appetizers, and large portions. 


However, they will likely be attracted to campaigns for the restaurant's healthy lunch menu that features fresh ingredients, low-fat foods, and smaller portions. Creating the Product Line "Healthy Lunch Menu" helps this Advertiser attract a targeted group of bloggers who may otherwise ignore them.


Targeted Background Information for the Influencer: Consider the electronics brand example above. When they run a campaign for home humidifiers in the fall, they'll do so under the Small Home Appliances product line. The product line details focus on their history creating home electronics,  warranty information and  national safety rating for small appliances. Other information about their advanced technology for television display is reserved for the Television product line.