A sphere of influence encompasses every platform you use to connect with your community. You may have one sphere, or several.

For example, Georgia has a Facebook page about peaches. She posts daily about her favorite fruit, sharing recipes, funny memes, and healthy tips. She also has an Instagram account where she uploads pictures of her produce and all the delicious recipes she bakes using the peaches from her tree. Georgia has built up a large community of followers who love her peaches. She is already making recommendations to the members of her community and would like to start earning income on those referrals. So, she created a Sphere in the Fresh Press Media Marketplace where she can feature her “Georgia’s Peaches” community and sync her Facebook and Instagram metrics into a media kit to connect with advertisers.

Georgia also loves wine & travel. When she’s not busy baking, you can find her roaming the countryside in search of the perfect pairing to go with her decadent peach creations. Her travel blog has developed into a community of its own that focuses on visiting domestic wineries and organic farms. While there is a slight overlap between her two communities, she connects differently with each audience. So, she created a second Sphere in the Fresh Press Media Marketplace for her blog “WineVacations.com”. In this Sphere she was able to sync the metrics from her blog through Google Analytics, along with her Wine Vacations Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts where she connects with her community.

You can create a sphere of influence for each of your online communities.