1 - Locating Your Opportunities

As you login to your dashboard, your list of opportunities will be available at a glance:


Opportunity details are listed here on one, simple page. Your default view includes information about pending gigs, bids and the total spent, as well as the status (i.e. paused, expired, and so on.) Underneath the title of your opportunity is the parent campaign it belongs to. 

2. Sort By Status or Date

If you want to view your opportunities depending on status or date, simply click the dropdown options at the top of your page:


3: Messaging, Bids and Gigs…

Your messages, bids and gigs are also available at a glance by clicking on your opportunity. This will open a page which sorts your bids by influencer and has a corresponding column to view status, bid amount, and whether it is a gig or not. In the page below, we’ve broken down each column so you know exactly where to find the information you need.

  • Messages

To message an influencer or view a conversation:

  • Click the opportunity page

  • Your list of bids will be on this page. To the right of each influencer bid, there is an envelope icon. 5z06DhoZgvvnti80KMsEYwgR17AQc-0WQQ.png Click this icon to view your current conversation or to send a new message. (See image above for details.)

  • Bids

Bids are indicated on the opportunity page beside the corresponding influencer. Each column displays the status, date and amount of the bid. This is a simple way to view all of your bid activity at once. 

An influencer’s page contains very detailed information. You’ll get info on all of the influencer’s outlets including their stats (collected through our APIs, not self-reported), links to view their outlets yourself, the typical rates they charge for placements on each outlet and demographic information they’ve reported.

To approve or deny a bid and view stats, click the influencer name on your bids page. This will open a new page with your one-stop shop to view stats for each outlet, read reviews, see submissions and much more (listed in details below.)

  • Gigs

Gigs are where the magic happens! Once you approve a bid, the status will be converted to “gig” and this information will be indicated on the status column.

When the influencer submits proof of completion (a URL for you to view) you’ll see the submission and can approve or decline it. In the meantime, you can keep up with the Influencer using the “Message” button, which is accessible by clicking the envelope icon 5z06DhoZgvvnti80KMsEYwgR17AQc-0WQQ.pngon the far right of the page.