Welcome to Fresh Press Media. Before you build your first opportunity, here are 3 Things to Know. If you have any questions or want one of us to walk you through the process - feel free to contact us!

1 - The Simple Structure

This diagram shows the simple structure behind your opportunities in the marketplace. Here’s how we organize the information that works together to build your campaign:

    • Advertiser - That’s you! (Note, if you are an agency, we encourage you to create a new Advertiser account for each of your clients to keep billing separated. We’ll soon offer agency level administration that will tie together your client accounts.)

    • Product Line - This is your product, brand or other category. You only need one, but you may want more. For example, Intuit may have three product lines, TurboTax, Quicken and Quickbooks; a furniture retailer may have a product line for each category of product, sofas, dining tables, etc. What constitutes a product line is completely up to you.

    • Opportunity - This is where you’ll define how you’d like to work with Influencers. You’ll decide how they’ll promote, what messages they’ll convey and the time frame you’re working with. You can create multiple opportunities for each campaign to reach your goals. 

      • Once your Opportunities hit the marketplace, Influencers can apply to participate. They’ll send you a “Bid” - this is the amount they’d like to be paid to participate. If you approve them a connection called a “Gig” will be formed. This is also where the Influencer will submit proof that they’ve completed their portion of the Campaign and you’ll be able to approve or decline their efforts.

2 - Scalability

At its simplest, your account needs just one Product Line and one Opportunity. But, if you need more, Fresh Press Media can scale to meet your needs as the diagram below shows.

The left side of this diagram is the same as the one above. It has just one Product Line with one Opportunity.

The right side, however, shows the scalability available. Product Line 2 has multiple Opportunities.

Opportunities are where you can get creative. Let’s say you have a Product Line to reveal your spring collection. You create an Opportunity to invite interior design bloggers to write a post about the new products and share photos of them. But, for example, what if you have an Instagram Influencer with thousands of design fans? Would you like to see her and those like her share photos of your new spring collection? If so, you can create Opportunities within the Product Line for each of these scenarios.


Product Line: Thomas's Spring Home Collection

Opportunity 1: Create Instagram post with pictures of our decor in your home

Opportunity 2: Create a Pinterest board for home design tutorial featuring our products

Opportunity 3: Create a blog post featuring spring decor items for your home, featuring links to our products


3 - The Workflow

The workflow ties the process together:

1. Advertiser creates Product Line

2. Advertiser funds account with $250 minimum

3. Advertiser creates & launches Opportunity

4. Influencers bid

5. Advertiser evaluates, accepts or rejects bids

        - If bid is accepted, Advertiser account is deducted for fees

6. Influencer completes work and submits link for approval

7. Advertiser approves or denies their work (Influencer can try again if you deny it)

8. Fresh Press Media credits Influencer with bid fee amount from #6. Gig is successfully completed.